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  • An awkward moment when you can’t speak the local language, unable to bargain to order food nor asking for directions;
  • An annoying feeling getting cheated and prices became doubled from the locals just because you are a foreigner;
  • A total frustration when the weather is bad, having normal travel sickness such as diarrhea or mosquito bites..


Trust us! We have been in that situation before and it was no fun at all especially when you have spent your entire savings just for a perfect vacation.

We learn to understand people because everyone is unique and has different preferences. We are a team of passionate local and international travelers who wants to bring the beauties of our home country Malaysia closer to the world. We consistently try to find the gems in Malaysia and pack it in a nice holiday package to offer to our customers including resolving all the issues above. Travel stress free, be the king and queen in your own travelling itineraries.

Our aim is to make an unforgettable holiday package for everyone. As the saying goes:

  • People will forget what you said,
  • People will forget what you did,
  • But people will never forget how you made them feel..’Maya Angelou’


For us its “All About Traveling” and we know that the most beautiful time in the year should be without any disappointments. That’s why we “Empower Digital Traveling” to give you information and insights via your fingertips even before you travel. Let your mind already be there, while let the rest be handled by us !

We cannot express how our heart belongs to Malaysia, but we would love to invite you to come here and embrace it for yourself; the Beaches, the Mountains, the People, the Culture, the historical Events, the Rainforest, the Love and the Food. Therefore, please drop us an email and we would love to give our best when serving you.

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